World Without Laws In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Imagine a world without laws. Everybody could do whatever they wanted to with any consequences for their actions. Maybe to some it would sound fun. Others it would sound like complete chaos. This kind of world is shown in William Golding The Lord of the Flies. After a group of grade school boys survive a plane crash that leaves them on a deserted island they are forced to survive with no adults. The chief of the young boys struggle with keeping rules that other boys will follow. Without law and order, chaos and evil will take over society which is shown through the many different symbols in Williams Golding's The Lord of the Flies.
First off, the symbol that represents the evil in the boys is The Lord of the Flies. The first example is when the evil in the boys is going to take over Simon. When The Lord of the Flies says to Simon, “We are going to have fun on this island” page 144. When the beast says that to Simon he means that they rest of the boys’ evil will hurt Simon. Which leads to the next point when the boys attack and kill Simon. He comes out of
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First is when Jack was talking without the conch shell. This is shown in almost every assembly like on page 91 “Jack shut up! You haven’t got the conch”. Ralph made the rule of the only boy that can talk is the one with the conch but Jack chooses to ignore it. Next Jack ignores that order to stay and tend to the rescue fire and goes to kill a pig. On page 68 it was Jack and a few hunters to make sure the rescue fire does not go out but again they go on a pig hunt. This affects the rest of the boys because while the fire was out a ship passed by that could have rescued them. The last situation where Jack does not follow the rules is when he chooses to wear face paint when. He was not supposed to because the chief Ralph told him not to. This shows again how Jack does not like to follow the rules made by Ralph. These all show how Jack does not choose to follow the
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