Worldcom's Leadership Style

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1. I think what needs to be the focus on is Bernie Ebbers ambitions and greed to be one of the world’s most powerful individuals in the communication industry was ultimately his downfall. Ebber ability to falsely represent a transformational leadership style and his ability to persuade others to follow him was his strength. His country boy cowboy style and appealing personality made a bigger than life character. He was deemed someone that can do no wrong, in short, he was idealized by those who knew him. Ebber projected a very powerful persuasiveness. (Kark, hamir,and Chen (2003). Bass 1995 and Avolio and Bass 2000 study on transformational leadership is a perfect example. Ebber possessed the traits associated with transformational leadership, individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, idealized influence, and inspirational motivation.

2. Ebber was able to influence his subordinates, managers, supervisors to engage in a deviant or unethical behavior because it was rewarded.
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Ebbers leadership style changed from ethical to unethical during the downturn of the stock market and the effects it had on WorldCom shares. Ebber leadership style created an environment that left for little room for error. During telecommunications stock downturns Ebber was unable to come up with a strategy that would turn things around. During the initial phases of the Commission investigation into WorldCom’s accounting practices, Ebber was questioned concerning several low-interest loans he acquired from the board of directors. Shortly after Ebber was forced out by outside board members. WorldCom upper-level management and individuals in the position of leadership could have taken an ethical stance and collectively formed an opposition against Ebber unethical leadership. This action would have resulted in maintaining an ethical culture within WorldCom. Because of management failure to take ethical stance resulted in several individuals found guilty of accounting
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