Worlds Greatest Opposing Orators Rhetorical Analysis

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The Worlds Greatest Opposing Orators During the buildup of World War II sprung two of the greatest orators that the world has known at the time Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. Although Hitler used his public speaking skills to rise as fuehrer and unite a country into a higher evil power and Churchill had used his to warn of the rise of this power and how the English government will fail its citizens, all of which is viewed as true. Mein Kampf is “a combination of a memoir and a statement of political philosophy. It includes some of Hitler’s characteristic racist and anti-Semetic ideas.”1 Even though it showed Hitler’s true thoughts but due to his rhetoric it only embodied the thoughts of all the citizens. This leads me to Winston Churchill…show more content…
But in the political spectrum they were both very opposite people, Winston Churchill wanted his people to stand up for what was right and not fear tyrannical powers whereas Adolf Hitler wanted to be the power that everyone feared. Winston Churchill gave his famous Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat speeches in 1940 he wasn’t yet Prime Minister of England but with that speech “The House gave him a 381-to-0 vote of confidence”5 caused him the gain a position that helped shaped the war and his country. Like Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill used the people of England emotions about the current war to help boost his popularity amongst the population “what is our policy? It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us”2 was inspirational words said to inspire the people to back up the war effort so England could hit Germany swift and hard to try to bring peace to Europe. A year after the war had started things were looking grim because a lot of countries had been having a hard time against the German advancement and to encourage the people to still support the war and not let them give up hope he said “Death and ruin have become small things compared with the shame of defeat or failure in duty”3 putting the events they had gone through in words like this made them realize that if they stopped now all the deaths and turmoil would have been for nothing and just a waste of time, money, and lives. With words like these, during the times that they were going through couldn’t have been anymore needed or perfectly timed because it helped him earn office and helped with the defeat of Germany in World War
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