Worldview: An Individual's Personal Code Of Ethics

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A worldview is a person’s perception of the world around them and how it came to be. This also applies to how one views other peoples’ moral codes in comparison to their own. According to Sire, a person’s worldview is being seen as a “commitment” to a person’s moral standing, or rather, their worldview is dictated by the person’s very self (20). This aids in one’s ability to set a foundation for their beliefs that they live their lives according too (Sire, 21). This also plays a factor in an individual’s personal code of ethics. These principles by which a person follows to exert certain behaviors can be applied to whole groups and organizations. For example, in the world of Forensic Science, there are certain organizations that set guidelines…show more content…
Which leads in to whether an individual has the moral obligation to adhere to a code of accuracy and honesty. An example of an individual not following a set code of ethics is Joyce Gilchrist, a forensic analyst based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What this brought on was the investigation of many analysts to find that she was not the only one to have performed her duty unethically. Half of the country had analysts that were not following an ethical code that would be required for their line of work (Dutelle, 25). This calls for an examination of how someone can or cannot follow a moral code set by their place of occupation. Were these individuals going against only their group’s worldview, or against their groups and their own as well. Dutelle believes that it is not fair to condemn an entire organization’s moral code due to the violations of this code by an individual. The fault lies in the accountability of that individual. It can be concluded that Dutelle’s worldview involves the belief that the ethical violations come from individuals within an…show more content…
This particular thinking makes one look into themselves to find where their morals and ethics begin and where those moral codes of their organizations begin. It can not be said for certain as one’s moral code is individualistic to that person. In forensic science, the typical code of ethics involves performing analyses to the best of one’s ability for accuracy’s sake and remaining honest when testifying their data. If an individual does not adhere to these conducts, then their own moral code could be considered corrupt by the organizations they work for. It is important to find a point where a person’s moral code does in fact line up with the ones with their occupation’s policy in order to perform their work at their best. This is especially important in the world of Forensic

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