Wormhole Reflection

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DIARY SOL 1 What do you do when everything is already explored? What do you do when every mountain is conquered, when every sea is traversed. When there is no stone left unturned. You find new stuff to explore. Men were sent to the moon, we formed colonies on Mars. We have established new homes. Now, a thousand years after the first colony there is nothing left to explore in space either. I grew up on Earth X-23, the poorest of all the new earths we settled on. Born an explorer, in an age with nothing left to explore. Every creak of the universe is found. Which is why I was so thrilled to hear that a wormhole opened up right outside Earth X-29, our neighbouring earth. A wormhole is a portal to a different dimension. There has only been one before. It appeared the 27. Mai 2103. It gave us access to new minerals, new ways of thinking. It illuminated our species, we took a giant leap in progress. Now, the year of 3019 another one has materialized. The scientific community has many speculations of how this came to be. Nobody has yet to go through, seeing as there is a substantial risk of death. So I plan to be the first. I want to behold the beauty of a new dimension, even if the risk is my life. The ticket was bought already, so I will speak to you soon diary. Adventure awaits. DIARY SOL 2 I’m leaving today, the travel will last a month and requires me to go into cryogenic sleep. Which means I won’t talk to you until we get there. Speak to you soon. Adventure awaits.

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