The Wormholes Theory

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turn a wormhole into a time machine because it would take a strenuous effort and it is tough enough to pull it off. With the help of Einstein’s theory of general relativity they predicted that wormholes exist but none has ever been discovered. Just like the other theories, the Wormhole Theory also has problems , first problem of this theory is the size, prehistoric wormholes, according to scientists are said to be in microscopic size. However, as the universe expands, some of the wormholes might have been stretched into a larger size. Another problem is the stability of the wormholes. It is useless for travel because it easily collapses. But in a recent research, scientists found that a wormhole carrying exotic material, could stay open and…show more content…
Richard Gott in 1991. Cosmic Strings were the defects in the fabric of space-time that were left form the formation of the universe and were cool down after the bigbang. A cosmic strings are one dimensional objects which means that they have length but does not have height or weight. These strings might intertwine throughout the universe, it is also thinner compared to an atom and under enormous pressure. The strings pack quite a gravitational pull on anything that passes through or gets near them, this might cause the cosmic string to travel incredible speed and ease from time dilation. When two cosmic strings are pulled together, it is possible to distort space-time creating Closed time-like curve, wherein the space and time returns exactly the same as it was in the past. The interaction between two cosmic strings could propel itself into the past it will bend around the cosmic strings. In simple words, as stated by the theory of relativity, once the cosmic string moves in a light speed, time will drift slower for the cosmic string relative to its surroundings. A closed loop of cosmic string drifts in a more standard way. Since the universe is expanding, the cosmic string also forms a loops and their gravity is the responsible in making a galantic supercluster. The loops caused by cosmic string’s radiation that makes it to pinch off into isolated loops have a finite lifespan…show more content…
The first blackhole that was discovered was in 1917 by American astronomer John Wheeler who also coined the term “black hole” in 1967. A mathematician, Roy Kerr who’s from New Zealand in 1963 used the field of equations to analyze a rotating blackhole that was called as Kerr black hole. It allowed a path through a wormhole in the black hole without a singularity at the center. According to Stephen Hawking, a black hole is a natural time travel. Though it is not practical but it has more andvatages compared to wormholes. In the early 1980’s, Carl Sagan asked Thorne while working for his novel in 1985 about physics of time travel which inspired Thorne to examine the concept of blackhole as a means for time travel. Thorne together with Sung-Won Kim, realized that it is possible to have a black hole with a wormhole connecting it to another point in space could be open for some from negative energy. In fact, the blockbuster movie “interstellar” lead to
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