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Based upon what I have read in Worship in Song, by Scott Aniol, I am greatly encouraged to continue standing steadfast in my beliefs and standards about music. Two sections of this book were quite interesting to me. I particularly enjoyed the foreword to the book by Kevin Bauder, and chapter twelve: Congregational Worship Music: God-oriented. I came to FBBC with strong convictions concerning my musical appetite, and I am thankful to see that, according to what I read, I agree wholeheartedly with the standards recorded in this book!
Looking at the foreword of this book, it struck me that Kevin Bauder was comparing the struggle of music in the church to an actual war that causes actual fatalities. Now that is an enormous point to consider. To
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His arguments were sound and logical, but I expected him to go into greater detail on the need for the return of hymn style worships songs to the church at large. Please do not misunderstand me, I do realize he did in the negative sense promote this, but he never came out and said it plainly. All of that aside, I enjoyed this chapter on congregational worship and found it quite agreeable. I know in my own life I have had to think diligently about why and how I am singing. Such thoughts would have never crossed my mind not long ago. Aniol begins the chapter by reemphasizing what he has stated in previous chapters and then discussing how that foundation will be built upon in this chapter. He believes, and I agree, that congregational music should express truth about God, be directed toward God, and have God glorifying, secondary horizontal effects. These three points truly put to rest many “Christian” rock artist’s claims that man-centered lyrics put to man-centered music can be profitable worship to God! Overall this chapter really challenged me to think constantly about my motivations when I am singing in the congregation, playing as part of the worship team, or even composing the music to be performed. All three aspects must be wholly devoted to God.
What I read of Worship in Song, by Scott Aniol, solidified my beliefs and music standards.
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