Worst Day Of School Essay

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The First Worst Day of School No! Tomorrow is the first day of school and I am completely paralyzed! What shall I wear? How should I put my hair up? Who will I hang out with? What! Is that acne on my forehead!? Let’s face it… I am DOOMED. My sister who had already gone through junior high tried to tell me everything would be alright, but how can I trust her if her first day of Junior High was terrible! She got thrown into a trash can for goodness sakes! She finally calmed me down saying things will be different because I am not going to her Junior High and it has been seven years since she has been. Well, I hope she is right. I got up extra early today. I was determined not to miss the bus on the first day of school. I put braids in the night before thinking my hair would be curly. I took them out and POOF! My hair looked like I had dried it with a blow dryer! But it gets worse. The bus came to pick me up and, even though my mom told me I should not have, I was wearing heels. I tripped on the steps up the bus…show more content…
I had no other unwanted situations happen during school today. I could wait to back on the crazy bus, though. If only I was not on the second stop going home, but instead the last. DING! School is out, for now. I was smart enough to call my mom and ask her to bring my tennis shoes this time. There was one problem though… THEY HAD LONG LACES! I kept tripping over them and once I was safely on the bus, the person behind me must have thought it would be hilarious to tie the shoelaces together. I would have been able to untie them if the person had only tied them once, but nope. They tied them about 5 times! I slowly made my way off the bus, trying not to trip. However, I was not able to manage that. My head made a loud thump sound as it hit the ground. There was a bump and it felt as if it was a foot long sticking out of my forehead! Again, I heard the echo of laughter among the students on my bus. I got right up and

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