A Stressful Experience: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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“Get downstairs now!” Wailed my mom, sounding like someone just got shot. “Mom what happened?” I nervously questioned. “Ruby just fell in the pool and I don’t know how long. What do we do?” My dad was certain that Ruby, the Rottweiler puppy we’ve had for one week, would be just fine. I proclaimed, “We need to get to the nearest Animal Place now!” This all happened 2 summers ago and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. It was any ordinary summer morning. Birds were singing their carols and the sun was sparkling in the baby blue sky. My dad was outside mowing the emerald-green grass and my niece was racing around the yard. I was enjoying a game of Call of Duty on my old Xbox 360.
My mother screamed at me to come downstairs at this instant. Annoyed, I figured she stubbed her toe or broke a plate. Arriving downstairs, I was horrified by what I just witnessed. Having her for one week, my rottweiler puppy Ruby, was wrapped in a towel shivering and wheezing. It seemed like she just fell into the Arctic Ocean! I could figure out right away what had happened. Ruby curiously jumped into the pool and
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Will Ruby live? Will I have to face the worst event to happen in my life because we forgot to pay more attention? While driving, I couldn’t even bare to hold Ruby. Feeling a shaking and dying animal in my hands is nothing I ever want to experience. A clock kept ticking in my head because it felt like ages to arrive to our destination. “Tick...tick...tick...tick.” All 3 of us finally arrived and we dashed to get help as fast as possible. As soon as we entered the door, the front desk worker’s face turned a bloodless white. I kid you not, the worker lost all of her color. She immediately brought us to a room and we then waited for a Veterinarian to come in. 5 minutes later, someone walks in. An x-ray was performed on Ruby in a flash after we told the Veterinarian what
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