Worst Writing Experience Essay

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My worst writing experience is when I wrote a passage about Napoleon during my middle school years. I wrote that passage because that was a homework assignment for which students had to write about the figure who they thought to be someone worth learning from. Since writing a passage about non-math or non-science topics is usually a homework assignment that I dislike, I don’t really pay enough attention to the homework. As a result, my passage eventually became a simple pile of facts about Napoleon, which was the easiest way for me to wrote the passage because I did already know about the facts. Since I actually find piled up facts sometimes fun to read, it was to my surprise that I got as terrible a score as I usually gets for my other writing…show more content…
Firstly and most obviously, stacking up facts will not make the words an essay. In the passage I wrote, I enlisted the winning battles of Napoleon as an explanation to why he was a great figure. However, it would have been much more clear and persuasive about why he was impressive if I had written about how hard it was at that time to fought against all those anti-France armies and what he did specifically impressive in the battle. Even though it seems to be obvious that simply stacking up facts is not really persuasive, I found myself very easy to write a passage with similar problem when I had a feeling of ‘this seems obvious, why do I need to explain this’ while I should have explained since it is an essay. It also reminds me when I wrote my essay about American economy for AP economics class in my high school, I just stacked up data that I found persuasive as explanation to my thesis, and didn’t really analyze the significance of the data, making that essay less persuasive, too. Secondly, though I found this in someway a minor factor, but I spelled a lot of words wrong in that passage. Especially since Chinese passages can be unbelievably weird and funny as the phrases usually only consist of 2-4 characters which means messing up with even one of them easily alters the whole meaning of the phrase. And in the passage about Napoleon I had written, these funny mistakes horribly interrupted people from
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