Worth The Cost Of A College Education Essay

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Around May, many high school students are forced to wonder the same thing: is college really worth the cost of tuition? To many, it appears to not be worth the cost, however, I disagree. In most cases, spare for a few rare exceptions, a college degree is almost entirely worth the costly tuition fees. Unemployment rates are far higher for those who did not go to college than those who did, and the salaries are higher for those who have. It is also far easier for those who get a college degree to find a job. These are only some of the reasons a college education is worth the cost of tuition, although I will elaborate on these topics. Firstly, for the most part those who only get a high school diploma and no degree have far higher unemployment rates, with rates around 3 times higher for those without a degree. Most employers look more for someone with a degree than someone without one, making a degree be a useful tool for finding employment of some kind. This is an advantage that those with a bachelor’s or higher degree gain by going to college.…show more content…
Those who have not gotten a degree gross about $635/week while those who have gross about $1,300/week, which is about two times more. Of course, there are some exceptions, people who have enough natural talent or luck to get high salaries despite a lack of a college diploma, but those are not the usual cases nor are they common at all. For the most part, going to college allows for higher salaries and more money. All in all, a college degree can be a useful tool of the trade and allows more freedom in job choice and a higher profit. Of course, you can get a blue collar job, but you will not make nearly as much as you would with a degree-requiring job. A college education is, despite the student debt, worth the
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