Worth The Cost Of College

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My sister Shermiah Burton has gone to two different schools the first one was SUSCC which she graduated, now she goes to Point University she currently enrolled there now. I look up to my sister in so many different ways she is hard-working and devoted in everything she does. She likes to help any and everyone. My mama, step father, and my oldest sister are a great impact in my life. I try and accomplish things just like her. It was a struggle to get her enrolled in college with financial aid and her transcript failing to go through. I remember many summer days we would wake up just to go to Point University, and SUSCC. On this journey I got to visit both of the colleges. If I had to pick between the two colleges I would pick Point University. College is worth the cost because people can carry out their education, make more money, even though financial aid helps pays off the debt.…show more content…
In “What’s a Liberal Arts Education Good For?” Roth Michael states that “Education teaches freedom by examples.” in my opinion this quotation means that college gives you more freedom, example when people get out of college they would want to stay on their own.College students can go out whenever to enjoy themselves ,but also have to know when the limit is because it’s still college. While education teaches freedom it can also help be independent in many different way, such as living alone. “Executive Summary” Pew Social and Demographic Trends states “57 percent say the higher education system in the United system fails college is still worth the cost.” I picked this quote because it shows that college is worth the cost, and it shows that the percent is high at 57%
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