Would I Let My Son Play Football

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“He’s at the 40, 30, 20, 10! Oooh, I don’t think he’s getting up from that hit.” Recreational and professional football players are fun to watch, but these players have higher risks of injuries, that they are willing to put on the line. As a soon to be parent, I would hesitate to let my son play football because of the obvious warning signs shown, consequences of playing, and the devastations of the injuries. On the stands, fans are going crazy and enjoying their time watching two hundred to four hundred pound men aggressively beat each other. Little does the audience know, the players being hit is building up that damage to either break, develop, or lose something precious to them. The average tackle in the NFL is 95 g’s to a player, while to get a concussion, you only need 35 g’s of force. According to Fujita’s article ‘Would I let my son play football?’ it states “Once games start, football is football… There’s no doubt NFL players are bigger, faster, and stronger than they have ever been.” The players’ only goal is to win, no matter what it takes, and they will prepare for the win. All of the red flags thrown in a game means that the player played too…show more content…
Imagine being hit with a force of 90 g’s, how do you think you’d feel right after? This is what it means to putting your life on the line everyday of your football career, you don’t know when it will come. This also affects the daily lives of players, as stated in Drenon’s article ‘Mike Webster Autopsy ‘one of the most significant moments in the history of sports,’ states, “Struggles adjusting with life is a common issue with former players.” Life is too precious to put on the line, and that means everything that life includes. The medical bill, other bills, protection needed to be bought all are setbacks on the player, in which are setbacks for the player. Even with all of this, your body may end up with a disease that may put you in a bad
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