Would I Let My Son Play Football Analysis

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Would I Let My Son Play Football? Can teenagers and children that contribute in football get experience that can help them in the future?. Teens that contribute in this serious sport can get extremely damaged or even die, but many of the teens and children that contribute in either High School Football or Pop Warner Football many capabilities, such as teamwork and problem solving. I would be pleased for my child to play football, because he can gain knowledge in working with others, solve his problems as a team, and learn that when life brings him down, he has to get back up no matter if they bring him down in a game or in the real world.. Additionally, if he desires to continue football and become a professional football player. In the article by Scott Fujita “Would I Let My Son Play Football?,” states that when he was a kid, he begged and cried so they would let them play football. Also, the author used pathos to convince his parents to let him play football, by saying, “... I walked to the car, in tears, head down, mumbling about how I’d “never get to play football.” Fujita, explains that there was a league for kids to play football giving kids a chance to experience football named Pop Warner Football League. He is announcing that there is a football league for kids that are beginners in football. Fujita says, “ I loved playing on…show more content…
Camarillo, illustrates that there are more concussions in bikes than in football, which interprets that football is not as risky as other extreme sports. Camarillo, also described that in order to get a concussion, It has to be head to head or a hit to the head to cause it. There are more extreme sports that could cause a concussion just than

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