Would Our World Life Without Respect Is Non-Existent?

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How different would our world be if respect was non-existent? Earth would be chaotic, and people would be hostile without respect in their lives. Although some believe society could survive in a world absent of respect, the majority of humans agree it would be unbearable. Society could not function without respect for four distinct reasons. There would be more malice, less impulse to try new things, humans would lack emotion, and peoples' reputations would disappear.
The first reason that it would be impossible for society to function without respect is there would be more malice. More war outbreaks would occur; nobody would care what others would think of them for fighting. Less civilization lack of cleanliness would be a massive problem if there was no respect in society. There would be more abuse; humans and animals would be poorly treated. People would not know the difference between good and
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It could be said, that in a world without respect there would be less heartbreak. When somebody died, people wouldn’t care if they died and they would suffer less heartbreak. This is a ridiculous reason to believe society could function without respect. It is tragic when someone dies, but that is what gives people their humanity. Some people might believe humans would be less judgmental in a world without respect. People could dress and wear what they wanted and nobody would care. This reason is also faulty because it would be dangerous to wear anything anyone wanted to wear. People could wear scandalous clothing and harmful clothing. Some might say there would be fewer secrets in a society without respect since everybody would be friends with each other. This reason is absurd because being friends with everyone would lead to more fighting and disagreements with each other. Thus, our world would be unable to function in a society without
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