Wound Care Reflection Essay

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Going into my first my first clinical rotation I was not sure what exactly to expect. Within in our first 2 semester we covered orthopedics and in our third semester we covered as much acute care as possible. The UIW DPT program did an adequate job informing us with as much knowledge relevant to acute care in order prepare those students being assigned to hospital settings. I found myself only having to look few things up ranging from lab values to pharmacology. If there was something I was unaware of I had no problem researching it primarily due to our problem base learning. Within the first day of my clinical rotation I was exposed to wound care. Something we have not yet covered within the program. I vividly remember my first wound care patient. He was a 65+ years old diagnosed with neuropathy, post incision and drainage. His foot had an incision along his first phalange that was deep enough to expose his extensor tendon. It was not the wound that…show more content…
I was exposed to several techniques when aiding a wound to heal that can not heal itself. There were several techniques and supplies used for each individual wound. Coming in with this knowledge I am now aware of what to focus one when we cover wound care within the program. For example why dress a wound with medihoney versus hydrofera blue. It is a realm within physical therapy that I am highly interested in and will likely gain certification in the near future.
What I find to be the most enjoyable aspect of physical therapy is finals week. When everybody is scrambling to attain as much knowledge as possible. Our problem base learning program enables us to rely on one another when unable to grasp a certain. I enjoy seeing the different break out tools and the variation of methodologies being used to grasp certain concepts. I am looking forward for the semesters to
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