Wound Care Reflection

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This week is another mixed feeling again. First of all, I am started to feel my summer vacation is coming this week. We have 2 more weeks left before our summer vacation start. Therefore, even though we have tons of reading to be done for the final next week, but I just can’t seems to pick up my pace on the study. I feel like this past year has passed by so fast, but at the same time, due to constant stress from the exams throughout the year, I can’t wait to start my summer break. However, when it comes to clinical, I wanted to continue my learning experience without stopping because I love it so much. So as usual, I always feel so excited and looking forward to my clinical days. Every clinical experience is very unique for me and so does my patients.
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This wound care was nothing like the wound cares I have done in the past experience. This wound care was actually not about assess the wound healing process nor to clean an actual tissue breakdown wound; this wound care was about how to prevent infection on a metal hardware. I have never seen this type of device before, so I didn’t know what to do. All I did was follow the instruction from the physician of what we needed to do on the wound care. However, following my wound care experience, we have a lecture regarding this type of device, it is called: the external fixation system. According to our textbook “External fixation is a system in which pins or wires are inserted through the skin and affected bone and then connected to a rigid external frame.” (p1062). Also, our textbook indicated “For patients with external fixator, pay particular attention to the pin sites for signs of inflammation or infection”. (p1062). This explained why we have to change the wound dressing. This is a great experience for me because now I know how to take care of a patient with external fixation system and how to care for their wound in the
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