Wounded Heart Movie Analysis

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Review 1
Source of review: Pakistani movie
Movie title: Bol
Review description:
Set in a lower middle class old era where a male dominated family is headed by a religious extremist father of four daughters and a son who is actually a trance gender by birth and is the yo9ungist of all siblings. Children are being brought up in a highly restricted manner where daughters were not allowed to work or even step out of the house without veil. The youngest of all siblings, the only son finds himself most distanced by the father as he brought shame to the family for being a trance gender. Through some means the sisters somehow arrange a small time truck art job for the brother since he is brilliant in drawing and painting, considering when he would
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The Wounded Heart is an intensely personal and specific look at this form of abuse. Dr. Allender explores the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse and lays hold of the hope buried there by the One whose unstained image we all bear. Includes information about false memory issues.
The Wounded Heart is a very disturbing yet eye-opening look into the reality of sexual abuse. This is indeed a much needed resource for the church today. There is arguably no more shame-laden and guilt-inducing issue than sexual abuse. It is a constant companion that threatens (and brutally succeeds) to hinder all personal, social, and spiritual growth in the abused individual. Having never had any personal experience with sexual abuse but having three precious daughters, Dr. Allender presented a compelling case for every parent and youth worker to be alert to the dangers and reality of sexual abuse. His approach was unique and different from secular counselors in that it is incredibly Christ-centered. The root cause of sexual abuse is the sinful nature of human beings. The real enemy is not the perpetrator, but the forces of evil behind them and how they should be
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Research methods
The first step of the research was survey papers in orders to gain insights about peoples reviews and thinking about child sexual abuse. The second step was sampling the surveys in order to reach a supporting statement for hypothesis. The third step was collecting media references like review and examples of movies and films made on this subject and relating them to the research topic. The third step was collecting references from books and print media regarding the issue
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