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Former US Army four-star General Bryan Douglas Brown deserves to have his face on a postage stamp. He started from humble beginnings , and joined our Army as a private. During his 40 years of service to our nation, he rose to be a four-star general and much more. He has fought valiantly in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. General Brown commanded the elite US Special Operations command. He was also a high end aviator, completing dangerous tasks during Operation Desert Storm and the Invasion of Grenada, to name a couple. My admiration for him not only stems from his perseverance and courage as a general, but his continuation of helping the Armed Forces after his retirement. Currently, he travels the world and give speeches to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for soldiers wounded in battle. Along with that he is a member of the board of directors of the Special Forces Warrior Foundation, which a nonprofit that provides college scholarships and educational counseling for the children of fallen Special Operation Forces.…show more content…
If his face was printed on a postage stamp, that stamp would not only represent General Brown, but also all the gallantry and sacrifice military personnel go through to make our nation safe and strong. As a military child, I have seen firsthand the hardship of far-away deployments and the physical and mental strength these soldiers have. General Brown represents that and more. For a service member to gain all the accolades he has, they must be dedicated. As a commander of the Special Operations Forces, he had improved the way they fought. You do not hear about or see him in the media. Special Operation soldiers call themselves silent professionals since they do not want attention. It is our duty to recognize these wonderful people and put them on pedestals for the amazing work they do. General Brown is a hero, and he should have his face on a postage

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