Wrestle The Mountain Analysis

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Wrestle the mountain is set in a small coal mining town in West Virgina. An 11 year old boy named Jed Tate was determined to no follow in his father's footsteps by not working in the mines. He has the dream of doing wood craft and has the skill to make it happen. Hopefully with the help of his school teacher he won't follow family tradition into the mines. Jed had a small family consisting of just him, his, mother, father and two sisters. He had a best friend named Tommy Miles. It was very hard for them to be friends because their fathers hated each other. There families have hated each other for years since the incident that happened in the mines with their grandparents. The story was told that the mine collapsed and the only men left were…show more content…
Now the only thing Jed had standing in his way was the money to ride the bus to the school and facing his father. He decided that he would be able to pay for the bus fee by selling some of his carvings and it just so happened that his town was opening a craft store for tourists to stop in and get some homemade goods. The day Jed decided to tell his father he was actually okay with him not working in the mines which really surprised Jed. That same day the mine collapsed and the last two men to come out were Jed's father and his friend Tommy's dad. Jed's father had actually gone back into the fallen mine to get miles. This cleared all the hostility between the two family and the two boys could now be friends without problems. Jed went to the act school all summer and was doing wood craft to sell at the craft store. Tommy ended up going to the art school too but it was for playing the piano. The two families now have get together with each other and always get along. I really liked this book because it reminded me of Brook wood. I recommend it to anybody who likes books about small
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