Wrestling Benefits

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The Benefits of Becoming a Wrestler
By:Jarin Blevins

"More enduring than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without skill, none have wrestled without pride."(Dan Gable, Brainy Quote) I began wrestling at the age of seven, not understanding the impact that it would have on my life. Wrestling took me on a journey over the next eleven years and taught me many useful life lessons. These teachings made me realize that I wanting to become a wrestling coach. Why is wrestling the best sport to get kids involved in at a young age? Wrestling is the greatest sport to learn as a child because it teaches basic athletic skills that can be used across all sports, portrays hard work to accomplish anything
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This ability helped me out in all other sports that I participated in. This skill cannot be taught to new wrestlers but must be felt. The more time spent on the wrestling mat working with many different wrestlers, the better your chances are of having your body put into different positions for which it must overcome. The more experience a wrestler has in positioning himself also allows him to become more proprioceptive. Proprioception is defined as "the ability to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of the body and its parts without being able to see what you are doing." (Wernikoff, 2012) This ability alone can create better football players in general, but significantly helps the offensive lineman execute more effective…show more content…
Good wrestlers usually start at a young age. Our wrestling program lets wrestlers began at the age of four, and extends up to their high school graduation. Some parents are nervous about letting their children wrestle because of the chance of injury, risk of lowering their child 's self-esteem, or the time consuming aspects of becoming a great wrestler. Many, though, will understand the joy of wrestling after their child 's first victory. Wrestling becomes a family affair, where every member of the family shares in the emotions associated with a match. Moms, dads, brothers, and sisters will become nervous before a match, overwhelmingly excited after a win, or completely devasted after a defeat. The emotions that come along with wrestling tend to draw the people in that care about the wrestler. (Behrends, 2015)
Wrestling also allows children without a solid home life to be able to become a part of a wrestling family. The blood, sweat, and tears that come along with grueling practices often bring kids together and allows loners to break down their barriers and open up to make new friends. Wrestling builds a since of camaraderie on the mat that cannot be exemplified in any other sport. I have experienced this first-hand and have witnessed kids bust out of their shell and have fulfilling lives after they have found
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