Comparison Of Wrestling And Greco-Roman Wrestling

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Wrestling/ Greco-Roman Wrestling Possibly the world's oldest sport with traces that go back 5000 years in the sumerian era, in which contestants struggle hand-to-hand attempt to throw or take down their opponent without striking blows. Some wrestling styles include freestyle, greco-roman and catch-as-catch-can. According to UFC fight maker Shawn Shelby, “... Wrestling is really I think is the most crucial element of MMA. Because if you are a wrestler, you decide where the fight takes place, you know you decide, if you're fighting a good boxer, you can decide to keep the fight standing… You can get a guy who is really good at standing but you think you are good but he is better than you, if you have the ability to change the game plan on…show more content…
The two are fairly similar, the main three differences is that in Freestyle Wrestling, the wrestler is allowed to try to attacks his opponents legs whilst in Greco-Roman Wrestling the wrestler is not aloud to go for his opponent's legs. This makes attacking much harder but defending much easier. The second main difference is that in the point system the near fall points are different, in Freestyle wrestling it is 45 degrees or less, while in Greco-Roman Wrestling the near fall points are started to be scored once the wrestlers second shoulder that is not touching the mat like the other one,is 90 degrees or less. The third main difference is that in Freestyle wrestling the wrestlers don't have to be touching each other during the attack unlike in Greco-Roman Wrestling, where the two wrestlers have to be constantly touching each other or the referee restarts the…show more content…
The scoring for Greco-Roman Wrestling is a bit different then Freestyle, a takedown to the floor would be 1 point for the person that takes down his opponent. A Greco-Roman Wrestling equivalent to a baseball’s home run, if a wrestler gets a high amplitude throw, That would the opponent at a risk of giving an immediate 5 points.
If a wrestler manages to get a near fall on his opponent, which in Greco-Roman Wrestling must only be in about 90 degrees, is only 2 points. Greco-Roman Wrestling is more of an upper body sport as the wrestlers are not allowed to go for each others legs, making it illegal to go for popular freestyle takedowns like single or double leg takedowns. A lot of the time for newcomers to the sport of wrestling, the sport gets mixed up with the TV sensation of WWE. (World Wrestling Entertainment) Because real wrestling is not as big to the mainstream world, WWE has been able to make themselves bigger than a lot of the other promotions that advertise wrestling, by creating stories that go with their fights and made it so that the audience can be part of the promotions. But another thing that some audience miss is that the fights are all staged and are fake, unlike most large fighting promotions, The WWE has actually been able to make it doing
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