Wretched Man In Romans 7: 24 A Believer Or Unbeliever?

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Tabita Mesina
February 28th, 2017

Is the “wretched man” in Romans 7:24 a believer or unbeliever? This section (Rom. 14-25) is probably the most difficult and controversial passage in the letter to the Romans. These verses have proven difficult even for the best interpreters. There are four major views on these verses. The first view is that Paul’s statements reflect his life prior to conversion. The second view is that the text addresses the experience of any man, whether saved or unsaved, who seeks to obey the law. The third view says that Paul speaks of his early converted state as he struggled to live under the law before learning to live by the power of the indwelling Spirit. The fourth view is that Paul is speaking of himself in a regenerate state as one progressing in sanctification, while in the process becoming more and more aware of the depth and gravity of indwelling sin. I personally agree with the fourth view. I think the “wretched man” is a believer. I think Paul , like all believers, has been set free from the guilt and penalty of sin. Yet he must await the return of Jesus for rescue from the presence of sin. He recognizes that in his mind he wants to serve God’s law, but at the same time he has a continuing struggle against the onslaught of sin, even as he grows in Christlikeness. The verbs in the first part of chapter 7 (v.1-13) are in the past tense, but in verses 14-25 we can notice an obvious shift from past tense verbs to present

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