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The book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L 'engle is about a young teen named Meg Murray went through time and space alongside her brother Calvin, and friend Charles. They do this to save a very good scientist which happens to be Megs dad. He was a prisoner in another planet by evil forces. The book is a very treacherous fast moving plot and will have you page-turning. In the beginning, Meg does not feel right and has the feeling she needs to do something. She wounds up in another planet with Charles and Calvin. They set out on the journey to find their dad, the scientist and his lab partner.
A Wrinkle in Time takes place all around the universe. She lives in an unknown town on Earth, but she travels around planets to find her father. The main
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Charles, Meg, and Calvins bond really help convey the theme of the whole story. The story has a big problem with the good against the evil with the tie of love around it all. A lot of wisdom comes with the book too. These young kids have a goal of going through time because they want their dad, it is a very brave move for young kids to do that. These kids are very smart. The definition of intelligence is someone who is able to use their knowledge for the good to help them. Charles has a great ability and uses that to advance him in their journey to find their father. That is where the intelligence and wisdom theme ties…show more content…
The fight between good and evil ties the whole theme together which make the young characters very interesting. The fight and want these kids have to find their dad is incredible. This book also includes a lot of things that could and possibly will be in our far future because of time travel. This book also encourages young women to become scientists or do manly jobs. The quote, “Euripedes. Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything.” Really changed my point of view on the story. She was very determined to find her dad and many doubted her, but with her hope she was able to succeed her
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