Write A Case Study Of Jerica's Developmental Milestones

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Jericka was born on 3/21/2002 in Bay City, Michigan, Jericka’s parents report she has a normal birth and that all developmental milestones were met. Jericka reports that she believes that her biological mother did drink alcohol when she was pregnant with her. Jericka’s family reports that she had a well-cared for childhood until the age of five when her biological parents divorced. At this time Jericka went and lived with her biological father Dave and his girlfriend Tiona. Jericka reports that at the age of five she witnessed a lot of physical abuse from her father towards her sibling. Jericka indicates that she was not hit as often as her siblings however, her father did sexually molest her. Jericka reported that she told other adults about…show more content…
Jericka’s adoptive family, Heather and Jason, reported that there was about three months of a honey moon period where they did not see any acting out behaviors. After the three months, the parents reported that Jericka would scream at the top of her lungs for about three hours at a time. The family reports that they believe this was from over stimulation, too much excitement as well as a lack of structure. The parents report that if Jericka would have trouble sleeping the night before then she would also cry a lot the next day. The family indicated that they had to decrease the number of social activities due to the over stimulation. At the age of nine is with the family starting getting therapeutic help. The parents reported that the therapy help them discover coping tools and ways to help adjust Jericka’s…show more content…
This is when Jericka began getting into fights with her sister and started hoarding food in her room. Jericka’s mother reported that there was a disagreement involving the hoarded food. Jericka then became upset and started walking down the middle of the road. Jericka’s mother reported that cars were having to swerve around her and that Jericka was attempting to step into the swerve to get hit. Her mother reported that while she was on the phone with the police she had to run out into the road to tackle Jericka. Jericka reports that she does not remember a majority of that altercation. Jericka them reported that she went to Harbor Oaks for 14 days. After being released from Harbor Oaks, Jericka went home for one day before being accepted into the Eagle Village Connections Program on September 22,

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