Write A Letter To My Sister

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To my sweet, caring, energetic little sister, I 'm writing this letter to you to tell you how proud of you I am. I can 't wait to see you become this word changing, independent woman. You are are already so independent. This world is such a scary place and i hope you know you are never going to be alone in the world. Im writing this letter to you to tell you all the things I didn 't know. I want you to know that things are going to be hard sometimes. Don 't just give up. Sometimes you 're going to have to get up and walk away, but always come back and conquer whatever it is that 's hard for you. I know you are going to conquer most things that come your way because you are my little sister. Just remember to breathe. The saying “ God never gives you anything you can 't handle” is the truth. You 're going to get heart broken in life, but always remember life goes on and life gets better. You 're going to get your heart broken from your friends, relationships, or not doing the best on a test.It is bound to happen. There are many ways to cope with it. Always know what you 're worth and never let anyone tell you that you are worth less. It 's going to suck sometimes but you 'll eventually realize that you are better than what you think, or what other people think. “ You grow through what you go through” is also another saying to live by. Friends come and go. Boyfriends also come and go. As your older sister, I promise you will not go through any heartbreak alone. You 're

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