Write A Narrative Essay About Moving Away

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Life is full of challenges, it 's unfair. It can weigh on you until you can 't breathe. With life 's adversities, I come up with two options: you can let life squish you or you can learn to ride with it. When it comes down to mistakes, or not knowing what to do, you can let something bad dictate your life and what 's become of it, or you can use it to your benefit to learn from it. Everything is a learning experience.

I 'd always lived in my house since the day I was born. At least up until recently when my family and I had to move. I hated the thought of someone else livening where I grew up as a kid, because they would change the house, or not take care of it and I thought it should be preserved because it was mine and for a while it got the best of me. We 'd moved in with my aunt for about a month and a half. With two small rooms, we 'd fit six people. My aunt and uncle were very gracious and kind to offer up temporary living spaces. After everything was settled in, the air changed and it was a matter of tolerating. As all families have different routines, ours didn 't mix so well with theirs. We 'd found an
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At first, I 'd been down about having to move schools, and leave good friends, after all, it was my senior year. After the move, once everyone was settled in again, we 'd go to church on Sunday and meet new people. When Sunday school started, I 'd met a girl named Rebecca and she was the same age as I. Like riding in a car with no radio, it was awkward at first. I 'd learned that she 'd be going to the same high school I was transferring into. After those few hours in church, we clicked and I didn 't feel so alone and standoff-ish. My perspective on going to my new high school changed, and with that, I was more open and enthusiastic about going and meeting new people. I feel that although change and adversity, comes rapidly, I 'm more prepared for any other situations that come my way. I have that "tool" in my toolbox for the next time I gave
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