Write A Narrative Essay On Avocados

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From the corner of my eye, I saw him engrossed in his thoughts. He was circling a large crate, noting the colors and sizes of its contents. After making his choice and gently tapping it, he yelled for me, flashing a gleeful smile, “Tina! Come here, listen to this!”
Despite my exasperation, I couldn’t help but laugh at my dad’s goofy grin. I replied, “You’ve shown me how to pick watermelons before.” I hesitated before I continued, “Can we get avocados too?”
Glancing at my parents, I already knew the answer. Mom echoed the words I did not want to hear, “It’s too expensive.”
This episode was one of many during the decade in which my family’s income fell below the poverty line. Our socioeconomic status contributed to a rather unusual childhood.

I was jealous of the Costco shoppers with carts full of spinach ravioli, cheeses, and avocados; their presence made me realize the disparity of my financial situation. The food helped me understand that my family did not have enough for comfort. My childlike desire to want what I could not have insisted that there was a solution to my predicament. I concluded I too could eat like a king through hard work, and this simple notion allowed me to create a solid academic foundation. I completed class assignments and then some, motivated by the mental image of a chocolate covered strawberry. By 7th grade, I taught myself Calculus even though my parents know no more than basic pre-algebra. Although my motivation
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Although my early years were not full of luxury and comfort, altering them would change the very definition of who I am. My reactions to the circumstances I found myself in have developed my character and allowed me to grow. Besides, I was never hungry and always had a roof over my head. I would be an entirely different person if I did not face the struggles that I did, and who would want
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