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In the introduction, the writer " bell hooks" implied that becoming a teacher was a result of the pressure coming from people 's beliefs. However, the writer 's real interest was actually writing. Because of antiracist struggle, education was essentially political. In addition, teachers were committed to pass their feeling of fighting racism to students as a way to uplift the race. The writer said that her home was a place that she had to pretend to be someone else. In contrast, school became the place where she can find herself in. After racial integration school has completely changed for the writer. She used to admire high school before having white teachers whose classes reinforced racist stereotypes. Couple of black teachers moved to desegregated schools, but always felt…show more content…
Undergraduate years were classes that the author are no longer enjoy mainly because professors lack skills to communicate. Bell Hooks found Paulo Freire and he was a man that she can look up to as he prompted critical pedagogy to her. The feminist classrooms were the place that we could raise critical inquiries about education process related to practice of freedom. Bell Hooks was excited to start teaching with ways different than what she had been taught. Furthermore, she longed to combine excitement and seriousness making a better learning environment than the one she used to had. The author believes that teaching is a performative art and to embrace it we need to do our best as
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