Personal Narrative: The Journey To Jesus House

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Kevin who was hanging out with his best friend Jesus and when Kevin was not looking Jesus disappeared. This was shocking for Kevin he was thought to himself that Jesus was just doing a prank but he wasn’t. Seven hours have passed Kevin was starting to worry so then Kevin walked all the way to Jesus house which is two miles from the park as Kevin was walking towards Jesus house he noticed it started getting darker and colder and creepy. He was trying not to think of scary thoughts in his mind. Suddenly he got to his house he knocked on the door. The door opened it was Jesus mother Mary. She said hey Kevin I thought you were with Jesus I thought I was too said Kevin. Kevin told Jesus mother that one moment he was talking to him and five seconds later he was gone like magic. He said that Jesus…show more content…
Well Kevin started feeling hopeless because he has not seen or hanged out with his best friend and Kevin worries because Jesus and Kevin been friends since they were in preschool. Still Kevin has gut feeling that he is alive. Kevin demands that the whole country should look for Jesus. Just a week later Kevin was laying his bed then all of a sudden the phone rings then Kevin answers it and says hello at first it was quiet then he heard like someone breathing heavily like if they just ran a marathon then he heard aye bra it sounded like Jesus yo dog I need help these crazy people kidnapped me please help. Kevin tried to talk back but just when he was about to say where you at the line just cut off. Kevin tried calling back but it said this phone is not valid. Then Kevin said what the heck just happen this is messed up he know he probably this was joke because if Jesus was serious he wouldn’t be so chill about it then Kevin said maybe they just trying to send a message for they can get
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