Write A Short Story Of A Story

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“Ok, I’m going to do this.” I told myself. I was going to write a short story and no one can disturb me! I sat on a comfortable chair and placed my laptop on the clean empty table in front of me. My mind was filled with good plots and ideas to write the story. I opened Google Docs and stared at the blank page for a while, wondering how to start my masterpiece. “Ok I’ll start with a cool explanation about a gloomy forest.” But before I could even type one letter my seven year old cousin came screaming into the room. “What’s wrong?” I asked jumping out of the chair. “she’s after me! She’s going to catch me!” He shouted hiding behind me. “Who?” I asked in a confused tone. He didn’t need to answer, my younger sister came running like a cheetah. Sweat was covering her face and she was wearing a weird crown made out of newspaper, a bend sword made out of cardboard was in her hand. “Where is that traitor who ran away from the king!” she shouted. “Are you hiding him?” Anger ran through my veins! My cousin scared me to death! I stopped writing my story to save him from my sister who is pretending to be the king! “Here you can have him.” I said dragging my bothersome cousin, “You shall be punished traitor!” My sister shouted. “Nooooo” My cousin moaned. “Can’t you two play elsewhere?” I said sternly. “I’m trying to write a story.” My cousin’s eyes sparkled. “Really? Can I help you?” he asked. “No.” I said. “Just leave me alone. You’re ruining my great ideas.” I pushed them out of the
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