Write A Short Story Of A Story

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This was the story that Olivia was told as a young girl. She vaguely remembers being told the story of the couple by her dad before she went to sleep. She fell in love with the story because of how kind the family was to everyone. However, she doesn’t remember how the story ended, probably because she would always fall asleep. She had always wondered if the man had fulfilled his promise or not. Whenever she thought of this story, she wondered what the promise was an if the man had kept the promise? She slowly let the story slip her mind and eventually had to return back to reality because it was now time for her to go to work. She was not excited to see her co-worker Phil, who like all annoying co-workers assumes all the work you do is wrong and that they could do it better. Phil constant complains that she should be fired. “Why? Being a financial advisor isn’t hard! All I do is advise people on how to manage their money. Besides, half the people who come looking for help are idiots! Of course not Louis, why invest $1450 to into a small local food restaurant, which doesn’t even have a location yet.” She angrily thought to herself. Obviously, Olivia hated her job, but not only because of the annoying co-workers and customers, but also because she had always longed to be a writer. Her love for writing had come from her wild imagination as a child. In class, she was either thinking of a story or drawing out a story she had already thought about. Once in the fifth
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