Write A Story Of A Short Story

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Sarah Hackett nervously checked her watch again. She knew that if she didn’t get into the elevator, leading down to the big lobby, leading out towards the building where Dr. Farris, (her physiatrist) was in 46 seconds, she would arrive late. She clucked her tongue as she hurriedly walked towards the elevator, flicking a piece of non-existent lint off her immaculate steam pressed jacket. She’d never been late, were her thoughts, as she looked down at her shined shoes. She believed it proper to arrive early, if not exactly on time. She reached the elevator, and pressed the button about seven times in a row, even though she knew that wouldn’t help. The door’s opened slowly, like they were deliberately keeping her up. A mother with a pram walked out, and she walked in and pressed the ‘close doors’ button. The doors started closing slowly again. Just as they were about halfway, a hand slid into the gap, and the doors slid open again. She sighed, knowing by now there was no way she was going to arrive on time. The hand’s owner walked in at length, giving Sarah even more time to study the reason that her perfect punctuality was about to be tarnished. It was a tall man, who looked about her age, and had about the same colour sandy blonde hair as she did, but there the similarities ended. He was wearing a faded brown Che Guevara shirt, baggy jeans that looked about three sizes too big for him, paired with sneakers that were frayed just about everywhere. His hair was longer than Sarah
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