Write About Something As Insignificant As Moth's Death Summary

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Questions on Meaning:
Why does Woolf choose to write about something as insignificant as moth's death?
Because we as humans don't view the moth's death as an important thing but to the moth his death was an important struggle.
What do you believe is her purpose in discussing the moth?
Because in a way we are all moths we are all little creatures in this huge world and we all have windows in our lives the struggles in our lives and we never escape the confinements of the window.
Why, in paragraph 2, does Woolf say that the moth was “little or nothing but life”? Why is the moth something we can pity?
Because the moth is a little life form on earth that just worries about survival. We can pity a moth because it is so small and weak compared to other life forms on earth.
What does the moth and the square
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Towards the end of the reading the writer makes the moth seem strong a life form that fought to the end.
Questions on Language:
Analyze paragraph five (make notes in your annotations column if you haven’t). How do sentence structure and words create a different mood from earlier paragraphs?
The other paragraphs of the reading were curious and had a feeling of curiosity, in the last chapter the reading quickly turned dark.
Analyze Woolf’s images in describing the moth and her substitutions for the word moth, such as “the present specimen” in paragraph 1. How do these reinforce Woolf’s changing perceptions that you examined in question 3 of Questions on Writing Strategy?
The way that Woolf refers to the moth in the reading is by calling the moth a him, he, and his. She refers to the moth as a human male. The way that her perceptions change is as the reading continues she starts to imply that the moth is pathetic.
Respond to the ideas about life and death in Woolf’s
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