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In our world, we need lots of things to live. The most important thing we need to live is the honeybees. The honeybees can help us grow flowers. If we did not have honeybees, we could not grow our crops. We could not grow no apples no watermelons, we could not grow anything. If we had honeybees in our world, it would be a better place to live on. Honeybees have been disappearing and going out of sight for years. Some of the people think the purpose of bees is only to make honey but there is so much more than that to bees. The insects which we call honeybees need and have to stay alive in our world. Without honeybees our trees and plants would die out. If they died out, we couldn 't grow any kind of fruit nor vegetable. If all the honeybees were dead, then they would only give humans only one year to live and then we would all be dead. These bees have enemies like diseases and pesticides which are made by us the humans. These kind of chemicals can kill the honeybees and we should stop using all these kinds of harmful diseases when the honeybees are around. If we kept using all of these harmful…show more content…
Those threats are call pesticides.These pesticides can affect bees in different kind of ways, Some of them can kill the bees instantly. Some can also cause bees to die after they deposit the chemicals inside their hives. These pesticides called neonicotinoids are harmful because they can confuse the bees so that way they forget what they are suppose to be doing. They can 't be drawn to the scent of pollen, so they can not pollinate the plants. Neonicotinoids are said to be the most popular pesticides in the United States. We can save the honeybees in one way. The farmers can help honeybees survive by changing their farming habits. The bees only work in the daytime so if we limit the use of pesticides to evenings that will help out. The farmers also have liquid pesticides they are less toxic than other

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