Write An Argumentative Essay On Lisa And Kindle

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Lisa and Kindle, they did not deserve to die the way they did. It is all my fault, I lost control of the car, but yet I am still considered the lucky one. I would rather be dead knowing that they are perfectly safe, then being alive knowing I killed them. My two twin sisters were only eleven, I am currently still sixteen, they were too young. It was their favorite time of the year with only thirteen days before school ended, and our trip to Barcelona for their birthday was calling all of our names. Not knowing how the car accident happened because of my severe head trauma makes it worse. I can not remember if I hit a tree, or looked at my phone, It all just happened so fast. Doctors said that Kindle was found in the front seat with a broken neck from the impact of the airbag, and Lisa was in the back brain dead. I am here, perfectly fine with just a concussion, and a few broken bones.…show more content…
I can remember some things we did together when they were younger, like when we would have “Twins got Talent” in our living room and I would be the celebrity judge, or when we would practice our cheer routines in the back yard. Now, I have been sitting in a hospital bed for the past three months thinking about them, seeing them in my dreams, crying over them. My parents constantly asking me how I feel or if I have had any visions lately has started becoming an annual thing, but the answers will never change. Nightmares about what I think happened in the car come almost twice a day, and now my doctors have to lock my door when I sleep. Apparently I have been reported for wandering the halls at night screaming their names, and walking into patients rooms crying, asking if they have seen Lisa or
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