Write An Argumentative Essay On Thanksgiving

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204 million pounds of turkey was wasted over Thanksgiving. Currently the United States is battling a major food waste crisis and between the holidays Thanksgiving and New Years, approximately 40 days, Americans creates 5 million tons of household waste. With wasting food, turkey especially, it's not just the nutrients that are thrown out; time, money, labor and a whole lot of gallons of water go into raising turkeys and to get them ready to be eaten. America is the leading contributor to the global food waste crisis due to the fact that most of America is lucky enough to have access to regular trash collection. Our country's oblivion to the waste problem impacts our society because wasting food is damaging to the environment. The amount of waste we produce is slowly killing our world due to the natural resources it…show more content…
The Huffington’s Reclaim Campaign is designed to motivate individuals to be conscious of what he/she is wasting in the world because without more people knowing what is happening and acting upon it, the planet is suffering. On thanksgiving, I do not eat turkey. Although I don't particularly like turkey, it is depressing to see how much of this bird is bought and then thrown out. It is unfair to those who are in need and hungry, and to the people that put in their work to provide the food it is disrespectful. Similarly to the global food crisis, the society in the short story By the Waters of Babylon collapses after it misuses its resources. In the case of the short story the resources are technology and knowledge, instead of natural resources and turkey. Like problems that have been created when wasting turkey, the negative effects that are created or not immediately recognized by the society. This society ultimately realizes at its downfall that ends in chaos and destruction. That society wasn't so great that it could avoid suffering and neither are we.
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