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When Altair was born his parents were assassins themselves their names were Maud and Umar Ibn-La 'Ahad. His mother was a Christian while his father who had been a Muslim. When Maud was going into labor and giving birth she had died on the bed during childbirth of Altair. This had made his father wanted to kill most of the Sacreans in retribution for his wife 's death right when his son was a child. Altair was raised to be an assassin ever since he could remember. He couldn 't see his father 's execution thanks to Ahmad Sofian. While he was in bed, Ahmad had killed himself and Alstair had watched this unfold in front of him. While he was still a child he was forbidden to tell Abbas about his father 's death. While he was still a teenager he had been training his Eagle Vision in secret although the people in the Guild had knew about it, but it was never talked about. The Eagle Vision that Alstair has was knowing a person true intentions. He had been training to become an assassin in the time when he was still a teenager this was all he had ever known.…show more content…
While the two had been practicing, Alstair had a knife to his throat that he wasn 't even terrified he had held on his own. He had admitted that he had lied to protect Abbas and what had happened. The two had been confined to the dungeon, but soon after that Alstair had graduated to be an assassin. At the only age of twenty-five he had became a Master Assassin, he was the only the youngest one who had made it to the Master Assassin at such a young age. While he was still being a novice he had a quest that seemed more important to him that was called redemption quest. This redemption quest that he went on seem to be one thing that touched his heart. He had seen a lot of things, during his time and when he had fought against nine people and the people responsible for killing Adha, the Chalice. This was something that he had felt that he needed to do. Alstair was one man army against Templars while staying true to
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