Write An Essay About Going To College

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Students who want to use their knowledge and the resources they learned in high school usually decide to go to college. A widely debated topic is whether or not getting a college degree is worth all of the debt that comes with a college education. However, going to college and receiving a college degree today is worth it due to the expanded job opportunities that are available to college graduates and the knowledge and experience that can be gained. Going to college can expand your opportunities to have a more comfortable and stable life. A college education is suppose to be the key to a successful future and to become more financially independent as an individual. The financial security that can be gained through greater employment options…show more content…
in Smith 9). Overall going to college will most definitely puts you in a better place and start your career. College is so much more than high school it is a new chapter in your life that may be difficult it depends on what you do with the experience of go to college. According to the site Attending College: …“College opens doors for you that high school doesn’t. And college can change you and shape you in ways you that might not imagine” (Attending College: What It’s All About…). You will have good life skills when you get out of college, you would have gotten a taste of what it has to offer. You become a lot more independent going to college “ Statistics show that a college diploma can help you get a job, keep a job, make more money”( Attending College: What It’s All About…). You will also grow as an young adults and mature but will not be all the way one your own, “College helps students develop into mature, responsible and independent adults. Colleges also offer students counseling and other support”(Attending College: What It’s All
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