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World War I was a global war between many nations. These nations include Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Great Britain, France, and Belgium. The war began between Austria-Hungary and Serbia (Black Hand) when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914. After, many of the other nations had joined in; therefore, creating a world war. The war had lasted until 1918. At the end, all countries had faced many casualties due to disease and attacks. Throughout World War I, many of the soldiers had lived and fought in trenches. According to James Lovegrave in an interview in 1993, “Life in the trenches was hell on earth. Lice, rats, trench foot, trench mouth, where the gums rot and you lose your teeth. And of course dead bodies everywhere.” James Lovegrave was correct. Overall, soldiers living in the trenches were miserable due to Trench Foot, deadly gas attacks, and trench rats.
Many soldiers fighting and living in trenches during World War I suffered from Trench Foot. Trench Foot was an infection of the feet caused by cold, wet and insanitary conditions.
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About two or three rats would always be found on a dead body. One pair of rats can produce 880 offspring in a year; trenches were soon swarming with them. After the war Stuart Dolden wrote an account of life in the trenches. Dolden stated, “The area was infested with them. It was impossible to keep them out of the dugouts. They grew fat on the food that they pilfered from us, and anything they could pick up in or around the trenches”. This quote illustrates how there were many rats living in the trenches due to garbage, food, and people. This is negative because in the trenches there was not a garbage system so there was garbage everywhere. Therefore, rats could not be exterminated from the trenches. Living in the trenches was uncomfortable for everyone living there because of the dirty trench
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