Write An Essay About Moving To Canada

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My Great Passion I have lived in five different countries. Moving each time meant adapting to different places and making new friends. I was born in India and moved to UAE, Azerbaijan, Canada, and finally to the USA. The most exciting thing I done was transitioning to Canada. I have lived in many places but moving to North America was the most amazing because of the diversity. I moved to Canada during second grade during April. Even though I was used to being new, second grade was the most terrifying. I was scared because I did not know how I would make new friends. It was easier to make new friends when I was younger, but by second grade moving into a new school meant most people already knew each other. All I could do was hang out with kids in my class, but my interests were never really aligned with theirs. Eventually I met a friend and both played soccer at recess. We eventually both joined recreation soccer and this was the best community I joined. I had so…show more content…
I was ok with it because I did not want to do all the work for soccer like running laps. Eventually as time went by I felt like I was missing a big part of my life and all my friends I made was gone. Even though there were new people to meet, it was like second grade all over again. My interest did not align with theirs. I missed the group of supportive people I had played with and all the memories I had with my old team. I realized soccer was just not an obligation I had but I enjoyed playing and being around that group of people. The next year I went back to soccer and even though it became a bigger time commitment and harder competition I loved playing the game and it was easier than picking up new sports because of all my practicing I did when I was young. Everyone in my old team was also passionate about soccer that we all were supportive of each other inside and outside of the
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