Write An Essay About The Story Behind Cross The River

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Things are not difficult for Anse, Dewey Dell, Vardaman, and Tull when they cross the river because, they do not have any cargo that they have to take with them. The most difficult struggle for them is that they cannot see the whole bridge. They can see both sides of the bridge and that is it. Tull does contemplate a lot of the understanding of him being in the water and then being back on land. He is trying to reason out in his head how it was possible for him to have crossed over and now be standing there looking at the other side and it is almost like he thinks it was a completely stupid thing to do and now he has to do it twice. Most of the trouble comes when Cash, Jewel, and Darl have to cross over with the wagon that has their mother’s coffin in it. Cash…show more content…
The one I think that is changed the most at the end would be Cash, he is not only physically hurt but he is also also mentally changed. I think Cash is mentally changed due to the fact that the coffin he worked so hard on for his mom was almost lost in the water along with his mom. Also, all of his tools were dumped in the water and he almost lost of those too. If he would have lost all of that then he probably would have lost most of the stuff he’d been working his whole life on getting. In the end, I think they are all mentally affected by the panic of the whole situation and the terrifying thought of losing their mother before they were ready to say goodbye for good. Especially, for Darl and Vardaman since they are trying to still get their minds wrapped around their mother actually being dead. Anse did not even seemed to be too worried about the coffin being lost in the water. Him not being worried about it or jumping in to help seems to effect Vardaman. Anse just takes it upon himself to feel bad for himself because he thinks he has the worst luck and he wishes he could rewind to back before Addie died and she was just laying in
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