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Angkor Wat is a historic Hindu temple complex built by King Suryavarman-II during 12th century in the city of Angkor*(1). It is considered as one of the ancient wonders of the world. Khmer is the name of civilization that ruled the south East Asia during 9 th to 15 the century, Who constructed many stunning monuments in their time. The great city Angkor is located in Cambodia which is about 315 km from the capital of present Cambodia’s Phnom Penh in southeast Asia(2). Angkor Wat possessed a complex network of channels moats and embankments and reservoirs known as barays to collect and store water,
Many scholars believed that this largest monument was built in early 12th century by the Khmer king SURYAVARMAN-II at the height of Khmer empire’s military and political power and has been estimated to take approximately 35 to 40 years to complete(3). It was determined to be used as a temple to the Hindu God Vishnu as well as an observatory. It was such a significant discovery because of its size and that civilization behind its construction had disappeared. It was also an amazing
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It was the prestigious temple of the Khmer people, and some of the scholars believed that king Suryvarman-II was greatly influenced by the Hinduism from Indian traders, so he dedicated the Temple complex to the god Vishnu. It is one of the largest religious stone monuments in the world, decorated with Fine sand stone carvings located in heart of Cambodia. The main reason behind building this huge stone building is , in Angkorian times they believed that all non religious buildings had to be constructed of perishable materials( wood etc.) including the residence of the kings, because only the gods had right to residences made of

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