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Burmese Pythons Have you ever seen a Burmese pythons? It’s a good thing if you haven’t! They have destroyed the Florida everglades. People has actually had these animals as pet! The three main elements are the hunt, pets and the danger to the Florida everglades. Meanwhile, people have had these carnivores as pets. The people that has this animal as a pet like them because of their skin pattern design. According to the text,” although they have no venom the have other ways to killing their prey”. Then the people released the Burmese python as pets in to the wild of their growth rate. It became a threat to the Florida everglades. Once these python roamed the everglades they destroyed everything. This is why people of the everglades are in so much danger. However, in the meantime of the people letting these pythons a loss in the wild it has become a danger to the ecosystem. These dangerous species…show more content…
People have decided to have their first ever python challenge. For the challenge they are given a reward of 1,500 dollars to the hunter that kills the most of the pythons. They have also got a reward for who get the biggest one bagged. Source two states, “prizes will be awarded in two divisions: one for novices and the other for those who already have python permits.” The animals live here because of the humid climate. People of the everglades is in danger for the hunters may think they are pythons to and shoot them to. How would you feel if you were living in the Florida everglades with the rapid growing carnivore? To conclude, the hunting pets and the danger of the everglades have went to extreme. The hunters have went too far with these animals. These Burmese pythons are changing the ecosystem of the everglades in so many ways. The author has gave you some ideas to how the Burmese python destroys the Florida everglades. Would you want to live in the Florida Everglades? Why or why
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