Write An Essay On Frida Kahlo's Life

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Natalie Myren
APUSH 9th Period
Ms. Koehler
Frida Kahlo

I can think of one great example as to someone that easily represents appreciation towards their own culture and sustained an open-minded lifestyle throughout their life by engaging with others and bringing a variety of ideas together, that person, is Frida Kahlo. Born in the 1900’s, Kahlo grew up in a family-style family, surrounded by people such as her father who’d encourage her to do things like participate in sports to overcome injuries, this being very uncommon for females of the time. In fact, for the rest of her life, Kahlo did many very non-typical things. She became the first to attend a certain school where she became friends with many similar minded people in terms of intellect and politics. She became extremely politically active, joining groups such as the Young Communist league and the Mexican Communist party. Living this lifestyle led to her doing things such as risking her own life to house and help exiled Russian Communists and participating in manifestos in order to help underprivileged classes. Kahlo, was extremely passionate towards her causes, and she payed little attention towards what any others said
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Kahlo was open-minded to trying new forms of art, as well as continuing to seek influence from her own heritage. In her lifetime, Kahlo had also switched several times between men and women relationships, resulting in an open minded sexual life. Kahlo was also viewed by the larger population as a symbol feminism and female creativity. Within all of these things, Kahlo thrived, and was open to stepping out of her comfort zone and standing up for what she strongly and truly believed in. Frida Kahlo made her impact by maintaining an open mind throughout the entirety of her
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