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' 'England, they thought had never seen a queen more worthy of the throne than Margaret of Anjou." Someone said of her that "No women equaled her in beauty and few men surpassed her in courage and energy. ' ' Margaret of Anjou was a cunning character that fought feuding foe for her king and husband. She proved that even though she grew up in a war torn kingdom you may still become a queen with the courage of an undefeated warrior. Though she is extolled little in history, she should have been known for her fight as daring queen, and for her love as caring mother. Margret of Anjou was born in 1429 in the province of Anjou France during the hundred years war in England. Her father and mother were king René and Queen Isabelle of Lorraine. Her mother was a near related to the queen of France. When Charles The Duke of Larraine, who was Margaret 's grandfather, died the province passed to her mother, and her uncle fought for Anjou and Lorraine and unjustly won. Therefore, Margret 's home vanished, and her…show more content…
Henry soon became horribly ill and became a weaker king than before. At that time, The Duke of Somerset gathered with other nobles and persons of the court in the Temple Garden, and chose a raging red rose to symbolize his devotion to the Lancastrian claim to the throne; and the Earl of Warwick chose the white rose to side with the York family line. Soon opposing armies adorned themselves with one symbol or the other to show their political allegiance. Therefore, this little family feud that started years ago developed into a war known as the War of the Roses. During one of the many battles, Margaret 's only son, Edward, traveled to London to restore his father 's crown. He threatened the soldiers by hurling his gloves and his hefty iron gauntlet at one. The soldiers toppled on him with their swords and there he lay dead. With the sole heir dead, the Duke of York felt it imperative that they execute King Henry while he was imprisoned in the

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