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The common name of my organism that currently lives on Earth is meerkat.

The appearance of a meerkat is similar to that of a mongoose except they are more slender. Meerkats are about 25 - 35 cm in length with a tail that extends between 17 - 25 cm. They often weigh between 720 - 730 grams. Their tails are long and they redden or blacken to a pointed tip, but they do not have a bushy end. They have silvery brown fur with dark stripes on their rumps and pointed snouts. The bellies of meerkats have a patch that shows the black underskin that serves the purpose to retain heat for warmth. Additionally, they have strong claws that are used for finding prey and digging burrows. Meerkats have binocular vision and have dark markings around their eyes, which keeps sun glares out of their eyes. Meerkats are mainly insectivores that use up the day to forage for food such as beetles, spiders, millipedes and centipedes. However, meerkats will eat snake eggs, grubs, and scorpions whenever they find them. Meerkats live in dry and open conditions like the Kalahari Desert in Africa, where there are sandy soils. Their primary habitat is in underground burrows in which they dig in sandy soils. These burrows have numerous tunnels that lead to
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The modified environment will be moist, a forest, and have acidic soil, torrential downpours, and ponds. It will in the forest where there will be a lot more trees and organisms than the desert. The forest will not allow for as much sun as in the desert, so there would not be that much heat. The new environment will be moist due to the amount of torrential downpours which is the total opposite of the meerkat’s natural dry environment. There will also be ponds due to the torrential downpours which will increase the variety of texture of the surface. Lastly the modified environment will have acidic soil instead of sand/dirt in the

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