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An elephant could drop at this very instant just for something on their face. In Africa grasslands this has been happening for a long time. "Most poaching is done by organized crime syndicates who use high-powered technology and weaponry to hunt and kill animals without being detected" (Gobush). That quote means that hunters use high quality weapons to hunt the animals with out being caught. If people don 't try to prevent poaching, the decrees of the animals will effect the environment, population and culture of Africa.

Animals are dying because people are poaching them. Poaching is an illegal version of hunting (Veronesi). People poach lots of different types of animals. For instance in Africa hunters poach rhinos and elephants. This is a dramatic event that has been happening for years. Over the span of 10 years 1,000 wildlife Rangers have been killed from trying to save the animals (Williams). Poachers will do what ever it takes to kill wildlife, even if it means killing other humans. Some other animals that get poached are tigers, gorillas, pangolins, and big-horned sheep (Munoz).

When people poach animals that is mainly for the part of the animal that is valuable. For instance, elephants are poached for there ivory tusks and rhinos are
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It also effects the environment That the animal lives in. It can also effect the humans because now the animal park rangers who the animals have become bonded with could be scared and kill the humans. So if this incident happens often then that could also decrees in population. In South Africa it has come to concern that the animal population are in such critically decreasing and poachers are rising so dramatically. The people in South Africa are now worried that the poachers are gonna make some of those animal populations go extinct (Poaching Crisis In South
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