Write An Essay On Technology In The Pedestrian

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Albert Einstein once said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. This quote by albert Einstein shows us what has happened because of the overuse and dependance of technology. In The pedestrian by Ray Bradbury, Leonard Mead walked the streets at night and never saw a single person because they were all home watching television. Technology is harming society because, society is dependant on technology, and technology is changing society's way of life. Mr Meads Society is dependant on technology unlike Mr Mead himself. For instance, Mr Mead is the only one that doesn't go home at night to watch television. Ray Bradbury writes ‘The tombs ill lit by television light, where people sat like the dead, the…show more content…
Furthermore, society has changed so much that businesses of professions have become outdated because there is no longer a use for them. “Business or profession?” “ I guess you would call me a writer”. “ No Profession”(175). This explains how society's way of life has changed because of technology and the invention of the television. For another example, even the simplest things like walking or talking the others are not done because technology has changed society. “ In ten years walking by day or by night for thousands of miles, he had never met another person walking” (174). Because of the invention of the television and other appliances, people no longer do things like exercising for enjoyment. As a result people never verbally communicate with others because of the increasing technology. To conclude, Now you can see how the increase of technology is harming society. In the book The Pedestrian, Society is dependant on technology and it is a major part of their life. Also technology is also changing the society's way of life. The Pedestrian proves what will happen to society of we don't control the use and growth of technology.We need to limit the use of technology so society doesn't end up like The
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