Write An Essay On The Bill Of Rights

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The first ten amendments to our country’s constitution, known as the Bill of Rights, play an important role in today’s society. These rights can be summed up in the three unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, these amendments can protect someone’s rights and yet retract them at the same time. Amendment II gives every person the right to bear arms, or own a gun. Everyone in the U.S. could own a gun for themselves, whether they use it in case of self- protection or in some cases more mischievous plans. Now, killers have the right to own a gun, whether someone may be suspicious of them or not. It is their right to own a gun, however if they do turn out to cause harm with that gun then they have infringed on the rights of others. Which brings up the question, “You cannot deny someone’s rights, and however, by enforcing someone’s rights, you might be denying someone else’s basic right to life.”…show more content…
In Amendment VIII the Bill of Rights states that excessive bail is not required. This amendment does protect the rights and freedoms of the prisoner at the time of the arrest, however once bail is set and the accused is set free, what’s to say that a suspected criminal won’t go out and commit another crime, denying the freedoms of others? This amendment also protects people from cruel and unusual punishment. Some may argue that some things, like capital punishment, are in fact cruel and unusual punishment. I believe that capital punishment is far from cruel and unusual punishment. The criminals on death row are usually people who have killed at least one person and took their freedom of life away from them, usually in an inappropriate manner. These people should be happy in the humane way they are being killed, when I believe they deserve much
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